3 cashflow management tips for the COVID-19 crisis

The oft-repeated mantra for many business advisors and accountants these days to businesses affected by COVID-19 is ‘Manage your cashflow’. Which is good advice really – but how does one go about making sure that your cashflow is managed properly? Today I will discuss 3 key actions you can do to get on top of

The Epic Quest for Grocery

Today I did my groceries.  Normally I wouldn’t write about doing my groceries. But it’s the first grocery trip since the lockdown began. We were starting to run low on fruits, veggies and cat food (the cat’s gotta eat too!) and so I, as the dutiful, non-employed (for now), domestic partner in my relationship embarked

Be the Victor, not the victim

As COVID-19 begins to ravage our communities and send our once normal, happy lives into a spin, it is normal to feel angry and frustrated by everything that is happening. It is understandable that many of us right now feel like ships without a rudder, bashed about by the tidal waves of life, not having

$urvive the Viropocalypse: $mart Buying during the lockdown!

Like many other parts of the world, NZ is in Lockdown. Which means that I’m in lockdown! (accountants are totally non-essential apparently) Part of being under lockdown means that essential services, like supermarkets are still open. So you can (and should) still go shopping during the lockdown. But given that you should be making less