A 4 panel comic with the first one saying, "Plant idea" followed by "make cash" and "Profit". The last panel is "Don't fudge it up!" with a picture of a person trying to cut the tree down!

Financial Tips for New Start-Ups

So you just had your lightbulb moment and are thinking of starting up your own business and building an empire. Aside from the journey that will be filled with challenges and opportunities, one of the most important aspect of launching a start-up is proper financial management. It is the difference between success and failure. With

Tax grim reaper Steve shows cue card titled, "Budget 2024 Tax (New Zealand)" and says; "Here's what you need to know..."

Budget 2024 Tax: How it affects you!

Kia ora NZ Accounting fans! With the new budget 2024 announced last week by the government, the big question on everyone’s mind is: How much will I have to pay in taxes? Over at The Comic Accountant, we’ve gone through all the official releases and have prepared a nice summary for you. Here’s our take

A man wearing an orange traditional malay clothes, holding a calculator is afraid of the accounting robot looking over him

AI Accounting will never replace Accountants

(AI Accounting – 5 minute read) Admittedly, we’re all riding the AI Hype-train now, especially since Generative AI burst onto the scene in late 2022. If you say AI, chances are that you’re thinking of ChatGPT, Microsoft’s CoPilot or even Google’s Bard. But other forms of AI, notably machine learning and predictive AI, have been