The Lockdown begins!

So it has come to this – the situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak has gotten bad enough that it has warranted the Government of NZ to declare a nationwide lockdown for the next 4 weeks (and possibly even more – depending how the situation develops). To be fair, we are one of the lucky ones

COVID-19 Wage Subsidy (UPDATED for March 2021)

A year has passed and multiple assistance packages have come and gone since the COVID-19 pandemic started early last year (damn you 2020!). While NZ is still doing better than the rest of the world (generally speaking) we continue to battle occasional flare-ups here and there (but mostly just in Auckland, really). The last lockdown

$urvive the Viropocalypse: Why TP is a bad investment!

These days it’s impossible to scroll two inches down your social media feed without encountering some horror story regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that seems to be hitting the whole world. Even more terrifying are the stories of people buying up and stockpiling on what they deem to be necessary resources. Now, I’m no Virus expert,