Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I’m on a break!

Hey accounting fans! Just letting you know that I’m not updating any accounting-ish content this week – mainly because I’m wrapping up my (REAL) work for the year and I’m prepping to fly to Oman for the Holidays! Also, I will be taking a break until the the week of the 13th of January 2020!

Paying tax in NZ

Tax! I wouldn’t be much of an accountant if I did not talk about Tax! Now, regardless of how you feel about tax, you still have to pay it. Even if you don’t have any cash in your bank account, you still have to pay taxes (assuming you made a profit). This week’s article will

Startup School Lesson 5 – Bankruptcy Sucks.

Bankruptcy It’s a dirty word. No one likes to hear it – but hey, it happens. Bankruptcy is the term that is used when referring to an individual who can no longer service their debt covenants (that’s fancy legal talk for any loan or borrowing repayments). Typically when that happens, an individual can declare bankruptcy

Keep being awesome you awesome person!

Hi there, if you are reading this, you are doing an awesome job. I’m going to take a break today from writing about finance-y stuff and write about mental health and well-being (because mental well-being affects how well you manage your business and finances!).  Many of you reading this have suffered from some form of