Comic Sam looks shocked to see Bob and Steve from the IRD

Mythbusting NZ Secondary tax codes

(NZ Secondary tax codes – 3 minute read) There is a lot of misconception about secondary tax codes in Aotearoa. Secondary tax only applies to the secondary source of PAYE salaried income.We have covered secondary tax in our guide to NZ tax codes. This article will focus on busting some myths and misconceptions about secondary

RSP/CSP: Accounting and tax treatment guide

(RSP/CSP – 5 minute read) Hi there NZ accounting fans! If you were affected by the COVID lockdowns, you would have applied for the RSP/CSP. RSP – Resurgence Support Payments. CSP – COVID-19 Support Payments. Both of these payments have been issued by the IRD. They are aimed to support viable businesses overcome cash flow