A man on a throne sitting on a slab of stone is directing a robot to pull him along

Automate, Automating, Automated

(Automate, Automating, Automated – 5 minute read) Hi there accounting fans! In today’s modern world, most businesses have already started automating their business processes. From manufacturing to even the food industry, (having robots serve you food) there is no doubt that machines are really taking our jobs! (I’m just kidding, they’re creating different types of

Man showing his employees a benefits of working in the company

Communication Failure = Business Failure

(Communication Failure = Business Failure – 5 minute read) Hi there accounting fans! Communication is an integral part of our daily lives, forming the way we connect, understand, and navigate the world and its people. Similarly, in business; communicating properly be it with stakeholders or clients is very important in avoiding failure. But how does