A 4 panel comic with the first one saying, "Plant idea" followed by "make cash" and "Profit". The last panel is "Don't fudge it up!" with a picture of a person trying to cut the tree down!

Financial Tips for New Start-Ups

So you just had your lightbulb moment and are thinking of starting up your own business and building an empire. Aside from the journey that will be filled with challenges and opportunities, one of the most important aspect of launching a start-up is proper financial management. It is the difference between success and failure. With

Malay man in glasses floating in a sea labelled as recession says, "Should have gotten more floats."

Recession Proof your Small Business

(recession proof – 5 minutes) Over here in Aotearoa NZ, the numbers are out. We’re in yet another technical recession. We won’t go into details about how the recession happened. In short, rising interest rates have caused inflation to slow down, which is also causing the economy to slow down. If you want to know