Man in traditional malay shirt is offered a partnership with a slime in a fancy top hat holding a bag of money

Build Better Partnerships, Avoid Toxicity

(partnerships – 5 minute read) Let’s talk partnerships. No, not ‘partnerships’ as in the business structure. I’m talking about bringing on a business partner. Another person to share the joys, pains and gains (and possibly losses) of building your business together. I’m sure you’ve heard the story: one individual seeks out another like-minded individual to

A man in a yellow traditional malay shirt teaching a kiwi bird accounting tips for the year 2024

NZ Small Business Accountant Tips 2024

(NZ small business accountant tips 2024) Kia ora koutou! We’re fast approaching the end of the financial year ending 31 March 2024. As we near the close of the current financial year, we’re entering a new financial year with its set of challenges. Over here at The Comic Accountant, we’ve been closely monitoring business happenings

Stop Wasting Time and Start Doing Work

Hi there accounting fans! The consequences of procrastination are greater than you think. Wasting time results in us missing out on valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth. It is time that could have been best spent putting in work and build a better version of ourselves through pursuing our passions, building meaningful relationships, or