Motivation tips for when you are stressed

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So, I recently started a new job. And honestly, it’s been quite stressful trying to absorb and learn so many new things at once. There are days when I question if I can even cope or keep pushing onward. When stress builds, either from learning something new, implementing a difficult initiative at work, or saving for retirement, it can become a real problem. Not only does stress kill motivation but it can also lead to some real health consequences.

To combat stress and not let motivation slip away, I’ve identified several tips that worked for me and I hope it does for you too.

(ED: but remember! Discipline still beats motivation!)

1. Write down your worries

Writing down your worries and addressing them is a great way to cut straight to the root of what is stressing you out. Reflect on what’s stopping your motivation of doing the things you have to. Is it the fear of failure, exhaustion or boredom? Indeed, us humans just have a natural tendency of averting persistent effort that no amount of inspirational quotes or caffeine can fix. But addressing what is worrying you may entail simply coming to grips with the situation, acknowledging that it’s hard or mundane, and realising there is no benefit to stressing out too much.

2. Know and remember your “whys”

To a certain extent, motivation is personal. What gets you going might not do anything for me. So, find your own value in what you’re doing and identify why you want to keep going. Is it benefiting others in some way or helping you to reach a larger goal? Pro tip: an abstract ambition, such as “doing my best”, is usually much less effective than something specific, for example, writing 10 blog posts a month, or saving $10,000 a year. You’ll feel more enthusiastic and joyful when you can see the actual benefits but also the real meaning behind a task.

3. Find a mentor or two

Successful, motivated people are motivated to ask for help. So, find a mentor or two and take time to talk about your goals and receive encouragement from someone who’s been in the same boat. Open up to colleagues, your boss, friends, and even family. Mentors don’t have to be experts in order to give you support. Knowing other people care for you will boost your confidence, give you a fresh perspective, and help you to maintain a sense of direction.

4. Stop comparing yourself with others

Always draw inspiration from those around you but never beat yourself up if you’re not on the same level in certain areas. This can be hard in our social media-entrenched interactions since most people only choose to share their happy highlights — amazing holidays (hello revenge travelling), perfect relationships, successful business stories. But what you see online is not always all true. Everybody has bad days, just like you and me.

5. Go for a walk or run

When all else fails, take a walk. This really helped me. A little bit of light exercise is a great stress-reliever and motivation boost since it triggers the release of endorphins.  Endorphins are commonly referred to as the “happy hormone” for the way they give you a little boost of happiness. A break in the monotony and some fresh air will also help you re-align your focus.

Boosting motivation is something we all want and need from time to time. Hopefully, these tips provided you with some useful ideas for how to boost your motivation and bring joy to your routine.

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