Okay, So You F*cked Up. What Now?

Man crying with a rat on top of head willing to give free financial advice

As business owners we are going to have to face reality of things, we WILL make mistakes. However, It is through these mistakes that which we learn and grow from. So goes the saying, “We fall so that we learn to pick ourselves back up.”

What separates us is how we face these adversities and navigate through the simple question, “Okay, so you f*cked up. What now?”

Be as transparent as you can with the clients

Taking care of your stakeholders is always top priority when it comes to managing crisis!

I have been in a situation where I had to own up the mistakes I made and be as forthcoming as I could regarding it.

While being wrong is never a good feeling to have, it clears up my conscience and provides me with the necessary lessons to strive for the better!

Positivity mindset

Always keep your head up high! While I am not saying that you should approach these situations without tact and any form of scepticism, what’s most important is that the end goal always remains positive.

Learn from your mistakes

Learning from our own mistakes marks a significant growth and development for a person. It provides an opportunity to reflect on what went wrong. From here we learn the harsher lessons that makes us better decision makers moving forward. Similarly, when running a business, I would say its quite important that something does go wrong somewhere (manageable of course) which in turn can be used as stepping stones towards success.

Face the music

When you hear the fat lady sing you know its time to put on your big boy (or girl) pants! While its never a good feeling, it is most certainly instructional once all is said and done. Learning humility and demonstrating integrity and honesty are all components of someone who is willing to take responsibility for their actions which builds trust and credibility with others which includes clients! Golden rule to always remember is your reputation is far more valuable than the cost of that mistake.

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