We’re going off for a MONTH!!!

We’re going to be busy upgrading this website – in the meantime, stay cool accounting fans!

As the title suggests, we’ll not be publishing any new content for the next month or so while we undergo some polishes and overhaul to the samharith.com website experience.

We hope to create a more streamlined and user-friendly experience to help turn this blog into a financial confidence platform, helping readers gain the most benefit out of all the awesome, free stuff we put on here regularly.

In the meantime, do keep an eye on our facebook page for more updates on new content! A podcast and video channel is in the works and we will be pushing that out in the coming weeks!

If you have already subscribed to your newsletters you will get these updates delivered to your inbox! If you haven’t signed up, please sign up now in the box below!

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We will totally miss you accounting fans! But rest assured, we will be back in a better way than before!

Stay well and as always,


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