A man wearing an orange traditional malay clothes, holding a calculator is afraid of the accounting robot looking over him

AI Accounting will never replace Accountants

(AI Accounting – 5 minute read) Admittedly, we’re all riding the AI Hype-train now, especially since Generative AI burst onto the scene in late 2022. If you say AI, chances are that you’re thinking of ChatGPT, Microsoft’s CoPilot or even Google’s Bard. But other forms of AI, notably machine learning and predictive AI, have been

In the first panel, a man holds up two bags of money. He says: I made so much money in my first year of business!!. In the second panel, Steve the tax reaper appears behind him, wearing his long black cloak and holding a scythe. Steve says: Is that so... Then its time to pay taxesss..

Paying Tax in your First Year of Business

(First year business tax – 5 minute read) Did you just start your first business? Congratulations! Starting a new company or self-employed venture is always daunting. You’ll be so busy working out on your products, honing your unique selling point and setting up your systems. Tax is the last thing on your mind. ‘I’ll deal