My First Year In Business

(first year in business – 7 minute read) My first year in business, I didn’t even feel like I was in business. It was back in late March 2020 that I got the call from my employers. It was a crisp autumn morning. A beautiful, sunny day that seemed to hold so much promise back

marketing ROI

How To Maximise Marketing ROI

(marketing ROI – 3 minute read) Having dabbled in marketing and now fully managing the content and communications portfolio of a subscription box service provider called MyTreat, I’ve seen the swells and surge of an increasingly competitive business landscape across industries. We’re still riding the waves of COVID-19 whether we like it or not. And

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Maximising your marketing spend

(marketing spend – 5 minute read) Hi Accounting fans! It’s not every day that I write about marketing. My strengths lie in finance and accounting after all. BUT, we’re talking about marketing spending here – so money still comes into play. I’ve seen clients spend thousands of dollars on marketing. It eats into their bottom