A malay ninja cuts up the word WORK and in the end as the WORK words are sliced up the malay ninja says, "you just got chunked"

Chunking: The Power Move for Productivity!

A malay ninja cuts up the word WORK and in the end as the WORK words are sliced up the malay ninja says, "you just got chunked"

Have you ever wondered why on some days that had all your plans lined up never feel significant and complete despite you trying your best? The answer is due to the lack of time-chunking, which will be further elaborated in bite-sized pieces (chunked) in the article as we go along.

So what is time chunking?

Simply put time chunking is a state of mind, it is a concept where you compartmentalize your day into specific blocks (or chunks) and allocate a specific time to deal with said blocks. This is good because it eliminates the potential of multitasking and juggling multiple activities all at the same time.

Slowly but surely your brain will have a better tendency of focusing on these tasks which boosts efficiency, concentration and productivity. In simpler terms think of it like a video game, where you have multiple stages to complete in a level.

By plotting your journey and tackling the quests one chunk (area) at a time, eventually you will see that progress have been made because it FEELS like a huge part of the content has been dealt with already.

As we are creatures of habit, things that are familiar will resonate better generally. The same concept can be applied to time chunking practices. Once we get into a routine and understand patterns, we optimize the processes which tells our brain that progress is being made.

How to Implement Time Chunking

A simple formula to follow when attempting to chunk time is as follows:

  1. Identify the task
  2. Prioritize said task
  3. Estimate time for the different tasks
  4. Make time blocks and schedule your day
  5. Stick to the schedule
  6. Review and adjust

The most important step that needs to be followed would be the one that requires you to stick to a schedule. To chunk time effectively is to be strict with deadlines and goals for each block of tasks.

The Benefits of Time Chunking

By chunking time the first thing you will notice would be the increase in focus. As you are completing the day block by block, the dedication you give for each block will most likely produce higher quality results. Through this organized approach the likelihood of procrastination (playing your phone or booting up your favourite game) can be avoided.

As tasks are managed by blocks, there will be better time management as each individual block is progressing every day. By doing this, your work-life balance scales are indirectly improved due to the equal distribution between work and play time.

Time to be big Chunkers

So how much time could a person chunk time, if a person could chunk and should chunk time? The answer is there are no limits. It all boils down to how disciplined and in command you really are of your own self. My recommendation is to start small and chunk big pieces for each task to avoid any burnout. Once you are used to the routine, break those big chunks into smaller chunks to fit in more activities!

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