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You’re Not a Machine, But Be Like a Machine!


People always say that productivity is valuable, and I honestly agree with that line of thought. However, we need to draw a line to limit us from becoming like a machine.

We have emotions, limitations and many more humanistic traits that makes up our general sense of humanity. We should always remember deep down that we are not truly machines.

But you know, some machine-like traits are worth adopting to emulate their efficiency and consistency.

Embrace Routine

The daily grind is very much real, and while I believe variety is truly the spice of life, keeping it consistent in some areas are key to obtaining certain goals in life.

Not only that, Automating part of your life reduces decision fatigue which keeps productivity up and stress down.

Stay Focused

Being programmed to stay concentrated for extended periods is another point on how it could be beneficial to be like machine.

Setting goals, minimizing distractions, as well as improving time management techniques help us focus on tasks that matter and not stray.

Always Learning

Staying updated and constantly being a better version of yourself is something everyone should strive for. Whether its attending a talk, reading books or taking online courses, going through personal growth keeps us adaptable.


Of course, unlike machines that can operate tirelessly, we need rest to function at our best. That means prioritising relaxation and leisure activities are integral in our very well-being which helps prevent burnout while maintaining efficiency.

It’s always important to keep in mind that while embracing machine-like qualities unlocks ones full potential, you are still not a machine and a harmonious balance must be struck between being productive and practicing self-care.

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