Practising Self-Care

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Now it comes to no surprise that managing a business is not easy. Whether you are just starting out or finally getting the hang of it, there is always a challenge. Some form of care and attention is needed to ensure its continuing growth and prosperity.

But unfortunately in the pursuit of taking care of said business, I noticed that many a times business owners-yes that includes me as well, neglect ourselves in some shape and form embodying the phrase, “Go Hard or Go Home”.

While it is most certainly a good doctrine to follow, I believe a strong balance between caring for the business and for yourself must be struck to ensure the most optimum of growth. In regards to that, this is how I practise self-care.

Self Care With Loved Ones

Friends, Family, Lovers anything goes with this one! As long as they make you happy and take your mind off the business for those fleeting moments, spending time with these people of interests in your life will definitely help you feel refreshed after having a quick chat or outing.

Other than that, I believe that if you surround yourself with the right people as well, you may also get inspired which might result in some value being added to the business indirectly which is always a good thing in my books!

Pursue Your Hobbies

When thoughts of the business weighs me down and gets my mind all tangled up, I found that indulging in my hobbies be it booting up League of Legends or booking that weekly badminton session helps a ton in keeping my thoughts and focus clear and precise.

The escapism that some of my hobbies provide, offer a great sense of reprieve which allows me to look back on the business with a much clearer mind to make key decisions more rationally. However, great care must be taken to not fully indulge in them as fun in excess might distract you too much from the business!

Self Care by Showing Love For Yourself

Finally, we tend to be harsh on ourselves. While that is motivating to make us strive for better, we must remember that encouragement is important too. This helps balance our self criticism to ensure morale remains high.

Due to that, I personally take the time to reward myself with words of encouragement whenever I reach certain milestones in my life, it could be as simple as looking in the mirror and saying, “Good Job!” or treating yourself to that really tasty Beef Wellington at your favourite restaurant.

Closing Remarks

Your state of well being is just as important for the growth of the business, which is why I would like to emphasise once more on the importance of self care and how a relatively small effort on your part could make huge impacts to the business.

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