Man wearing dark yellow malay traditional shirt landing on pile of cash

Profit and Cash – What is the Difference?

(profit and cash – 5 minute read) Hey there accounting fans! We’ve written about how cash is king in the past. But I often get lots of clients still confused between cash and profit. So let’s settle this once and for all. Here’s the definitive article on the difference between profit and cash. Definition of

Man in yellow traditional Malay shirt meeting Credit Unicorn in a suit that claims money lost is 100% tax deductible.

Is Money Lost to Fraud Tax Deductible?

Hi there accounting fans! Its been a while since we’ve talked about tax! Please note that any tax advice contained in this article is relevant to Aotearoa NZ. For more specific tax information, please consult with your local tax agent. Is fraud tax deductible? This is an interesting question. The simple answer is: Yes, money