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Communication Failure = Business Failure

(Communication Failure = Business Failure – 5 minute read)

Hi there accounting fans!

Communication is an integral part of our daily lives, forming the way we connect, understand, and navigate the world and its people. Similarly, in business; communicating properly be it with stakeholders or clients is very important in avoiding failure.

But how does it fail?


Unclear communications lead to deep misunderstandings among clients and team members. This results in errors and even damaged relationships that affects the business’s reputation. I personally have lost the trust of a few clients that I used to work with, due to misunderstandings and not having set up proper expectations when engaging them with my services.

Inefficient Collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration within a business relies heavily on effective communication ensuring that the individual business processes are working in tandem. Bad communication in this aspect leads to unclear instructions and feedback that causes inefficiencies, duplication of efforts as well as reduced productivity.

Poor Client Servicing


Poor client servicing due to bad communication has detrimental effects on a business. When a subpar service is received, dissatisfaction and loss of trust occurs. It could be a delayed response, unfulfilled promises and even not understanding clients preferences; bad communication comes in many types and we must avoid it like the plague!

Low Employee Morale


Low employee morale can have lasting consequences on a business. When employees are demotivated, performance is directly affected. When performance drops so to does efficiency and the quality of the output. Not only that, low morale encourages a lack of enthusiasm from the employee and results in increased absenteeism which leads to difficulty in retaining talent.

Communication is King!

Business owners need to understand the importance of having good lines of communication. It is for the benefit of both your employees and clients as it allows easy adaptation to market conditions. Ultimately, good communication is the backbone of any successful business as it enables productivity for staff and builds trust between you and your clients.

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