A man on a throne sitting on a slab of stone is directing a robot to pull him along

Automate, Automating, Automated

A man on a throne sitting on a slab of stone is directing a robot to pull him along

(Automate, Automating, Automated – 5 minute read)

Hi there accounting fans!

In today’s modern world, most businesses have already started automating their business processes. From manufacturing to even the food industry, (having robots serve you food) there is no doubt that machines are really taking our jobs! (I’m just kidding, they’re creating different types of jobs!)

The answer as to why, is quite simple; It makes life much more easier. How it makes life easier is what I will be elaborating on in this article. So read on further to find out more!

Time Savings

The main benefit of automating processes is to simply save time. As time is a resource that is more valuable than gold, it comes to no surprise that we try to automate as many of our daily tasks as we can, whenever we can!

I myself have automated some of my workflow by having macros and replies at the tip of my fingers as well as prescheduling content postings such as this article! Gone are the days where I need to be physically at my station, nowadays I can automate entire processes for a year in just one day!

Productivity and Efficiency Boost


Building off the earlier point, saved time will result in productivity and efficiency increasing. Nowadays, once I finished scheduling content I am free to work on other things such as myself or progressing work on other fronts.

Automating processes that are simple and reoccurring, saves a lot of time which some find quite surprising. Being able to focus on more meaningful tasks would also lead to a more greater sense of satisfaction as well as deeper peace of mind.

Cost and Error Reductions


Through the increase of productivity and efficiency, operating costs will reduce as the process becomes more fluid. In a more business and corporate scenario, the different team members will be able to communicate more effectively as all the menial tasks have been delegated and automated.

This results in a reduction of errors as well, due to the simple premise that you only need to do the automation right once to have it run smoothly and accurately for as long as you need it to be. For example, if an email needs to go out reminding customers to top-up their wallets every upcoming sale, the likelihood of your customers not being aware of that information would be very low.

Automate your life!

To stay competitive in today’s modern day we must automate whatever we can in our routines! Using the technology available gives us the edge that is required to stand out and be unique in an ever growing society.

While we are not machines, we must however be like machines if we want to optimize the precious time we have on this earth!

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