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Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Stakeholders

(Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Stakeholders – 5 minute read)

Hi there accounting fans!

Setting boundaries is fundamental when dealing with multiple parties, it allows the affected parties to reach a mutual understanding between each other that avoids any form of conflict.

The rules work the same way in a business sense as well! As you will be interacting with a number of different clients, suppliers and even your own team, it is very important to know the limitations for each to know when exactly not to cross that line.

Better Engagement

From better lines of communication and healthy boundaries, the synergy between yourself and the different stakeholders will be greatly improved. Understanding each others goals, needs and concerns cement the relationship which ultimately lead to more proactive participation in projects.

Additionally, setting boundaries with team members specifically, allows the flexibility of being comfortable while performing tasks at work without fear of stepping on any toes. This will result in an increase in efficiency and employee morale which benefits the business as a whole.

Reduced Stress and Improved Well-being


Not only that, stakeholders will be less overwhelmed due the to the lower stress levels and focus on productivity by setting boundaries. This consequently leads to better relationships and mutual respect between the stakeholders and yourself.

Personally, during my time in client servicing, my confidence performing the role improved after being able to navigate the client respectfully. By not allowing them to run off on a tangent and reigning them in with the project needs, gave me the confidence that came with the sense of authority.

Delivering the right value


Giving just the proper amount of everything to your stakeholders is also one of the key benefits of setting boundaries. Nothing would feel excessive nor incomplete due to both parties meeting at the middle ground and understanding each other’s needs.

Regret and resentment will not take hold, while yourself as well as the different stakeholders will enjoy a more professional setting with everyone needs pretty much met and respected.

Be understood!

In a well established nutshell with limitations, setting boundaries with stakeholders is important for any business owner! It helps with managing people, expectations, risks as well as your own integrity which in turn contributes directly to the success of a business.

Effective communication is not a laughing matter, and setting clear boundaries is the first step of achieving that. While difficult as it may sound for most to meet each others needs, it is to the benefit of the many that both parties meet in the middle to ensure that everyone moves forward.

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